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Startup Consultants: How to Help Start-ups and SMEs Grow in 2022

startup consultants

Startup consultants are becoming more and more prevalent. This is due to small startup businesses often lacking vital experience in sales and marketing to help sutain growth.

To help fill this vital knowledge gap SME and start-up business consulting has become a viable way to help companies with their early growth and development.

Let’s explore what exactly a business consultant can do and why talented and experienced individuals are just as effective a solution as startup consulting firms.

Startup and SME Stats:

According to Companies House there are over 500,000 new companies formed every year in the UK. That’s nearly 1400 a day.

The Federation of Small Business also reveal that SMEs make up 99% of all active businesses in the UK.

There is clearly a massive potential customer base in the UK for start-up consultants. Nearly 10 million potential targets and leads. A number that grows every day.

How to Help New Businesses:

A lot of new businesses are great at what they do. The early impetus and excitement can create the momentum for great early growth and development.

But if a business becomes static and relies too much on an initial business model and operating environment it can quickly start to fail.

“A business needs to be able to grow whilst it’s succeeding”

In an increasingly competitive commercial environment, both online and offline, the long-term future of any business is decided by their ability to adapt.

  • So, what do these new companies struggle with?
  • What are the areas that they need the most help in?
  • How can you apply your knowledge and experience to help?

If these are questions that you can provide answers and solutions to you already have the skills to be a startup business coach.

Here’s why experience and knowledge in sales and marketing can put you in such a strong position to offer your services:

Start-ups and SMEs often struggle to with the time and skills needed to get business basics right.

Fortunately, you can help. What’s more you can build a valuable and successful mentoring business at the same time.

Your knowledge will form the foundations for future proofing any business that needs your help.

Questions are a great way to engage and empower business owners. If they love their business, they’ll love answering questions about it.

Simply asking questions will often encourage them to provide the answers they already know. It’s amazingly powerful to know the right questions to ask to encourage a business owner to take action.

Your Role as a Startup Consultant:

All startup consultants can help business owners analyse their current startegies. Then you can start to suggest solutions and help them to implement them.

Identify a target market:

  • Who is your ideal customer?
  • Is your customer online, offline or both?
  • Do you waste you budget by “marketing to everyone”?

Lead Generation and Conversion:

  • How will you engage your client?
  • Where are your ideal customers?
  • What processes do you have in place to convert a lead?

Differentiation and Brand Awareness:

  • How do you stand out from everyone else in your business space?
  • What’s your unique selling point?
  • What does your brand immediately say to people?

Maximising Customer Value:

  • Do you remarket to customers?
  • What systems do you have in place after a sale?
  • Do you offer any referral incentives?

Systemise and Automate:

  • Can you automate processes to save time?
  • Could you create systems to save you money?
  • Can you refocus and reenergise your team where their strengths lie?

Always look to Improve and Innovate:

  • What is your plan for the next 5 years?
  • Are you flexible enough to adapt to market changes?
  • Do you rely on one part of your business too much?

The answers to these simple questions can help any business with the basics they need to succeed in the long term. A great business mentor will stimulate and lead these discussions.

Each area provides the opportunity to add strength to a business. It starts to create an environment and atmosphere focused on growth.

You can benefit any business by working towards achieving marginal gains. These small gains have massive, positive and immediate effects on start-ups and SMEs.

Simplicity, in partnership with consistency will benefit every business.

If you can help a small business to make a commitment to share your knowledge and experience. Ensure that you can communicate complexity with simplicity. Not all business startup consultants are the same.

Be the best one you can be.

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