Small Company Limits and How to Smash them in 2020

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Are you a struggling small company? In fact, businesses of all sizes are finding it more difficult to build the foundations necessary for long term survival. It’s hard to keep up with consumers and also the technological demands that consumers demand and utilise.

Time and resources are often the main reasons that a company may stutter or falter along its development path. This is a problem for a lot of small businesses – you are not alone!

If you don’t have the time or the resources to apply to all the different aspects of your business the wheels can start to come off. It’s not your fault.

When any business becomes short sighted, and concentrates too much on selling, the problems begin. It may seem a little counter intuitive to say, “Don’t concentrate too much on selling,” but it should only be a part of any marketing and growth strategy.

Small Company Limits

So how do you address the issues of:

  • Not having enough time to spend on finding and attracting new customers
  • Developing my brand trust and awareness
  • Struggling to turns leads into customers and creating high conversion sales funnels
  • Creating and engaging a community of customers that become advocates
  • Creating aftersales processes that keep customers loyal to a brand
  • Reacting to what customers actually want, not what you think they want
  • Becoming a value led expert and source of knowledge in your chosen area
  • Automating time-consuming processes
  • Spending too much time on social media
  • Creating different streams of automated income creation
  • Keeping up with industry changes, innovations and consumer behaviour shifts
  • Being a 24/7 customer focused business
  • Knowing your customers to give them the best experience

This list might seem quite daunting. HOWEVER, a lot of things you can do often influence more than one of the pain points above.

The domino effect of making small changes in your business can reap massive rewards

It can be scary realising that your business needs to change to survive. BUT it’s often a pivot in direction that can have massive positive consequences.

“The fear of change is a destroyer of progress

We’ve talked about the potential areas that, through no fault of your own, you had maybe not spent enough time on in your business.

Don’t beat yourself up. Each area that you can now work on presents an exciting opportunity to enhance and improve your small company. It won’t be small for long!

This ‘pivot’ comes with reframing the ‘problems’ in your business – they are now the vehicles for change and ultimately for growth.

The biggest assets in any business are its people (both customers and staff) and the time they invest in the business.

The key is to gain the most benefits from the resources at your disposal.

When you and your team start to put the customer at the heart of everything you do the path of your business should become a lot clearer.

Picture an ideal, 100% committed, brand focused, advocate for your business. Now, start to think how you get every single customer who comes into contact with your business to that level of satisfaction.

Can you achieve this from your website, your social media accounts and your email sales funnel?

Can you deliver value to your customer and empower them at every single touch point?

You need to start answering these questions honestly.

“It’s important to see change as an investment and not as a cost.”

If you’re offering an end product or service then your customer will always be key to the success of your business.

There are very few industries that stay static for long. Every single company in the world needs to embrace change (or ideally predict it and be a few steps ahead) or they will fail.

This isn’t just a problem for small businesses. The tales of failure of multinational chains Blockbuster and Kodak are 2 high profile examples of companies expecting the ‘comfort zone’ to keep them fed and watered forever. It doesn’t happen!

Every business needs to embrace change, keep up with changes in consumer behaviour and leverage every single bit of business intelligence it can gather.

Small Business Challenges

If we re-visit issues we’ve already highlighted we see what will inevitably happen when we don’t adapt and improve:

  • Without attracting new customers, you run out of customers
  • Lack of brand awareness leads to a lack of trust
  • A weak customer conversion process means wasted time and money
  • No aftersales process means customers are unlikely to return
  • Offering product and services that customers don’t want or need will not be profitable
  • Time spent on laborious repetitive tasks will not best utilise your skills and resources
  • Social media surfing can quickly steal your time and focus
  • When a single income stream fails then cashflow will quickly become an issue
  • If you are not part of the 24/7 economy you risk losing and alienating customers
  • Without taking the time to know and value your customer they will go elsewhere in future

This is not an uncommon set of circumstances.

Very few businesses, especially a small company, can sustain the resulting financial consequences of failing in more than a couple of the areas above.

It’s inevitable that your customers play an integral part in the majority of the problems.

If you don’ take steps to educate, entertain and nurture your customers they won’t come back.

You need to personalise and differentiate. Your customer MUST be the primary focus of any solution.

“You don’t use a spade to dig your business out of a hole, you use a ladder”

Let’s investigate how the customer is creating the demand for a ‘one-stop-shop’ platform to fulfil and exceed ever changing and increasing expectations.

Customers have high levels of expectation. If you don’t deliver what they want they’ll go elsewhere. No remorse, no tears, they’ll quickly leave you and your business and just as quickly forget all about you.

The tech savvy, modern consumer wants it all.

They want immediate answers, instant gratification, reliability, trust, value, convenience, a highly personalised experience and impeccable customer service.

So, how is that achievable and deliverable today?

It’s virtually impossible to offer a truly personalised services to such a diverse and extensive (often global) audience.

The answer: Empower the customer to create their own experience and immerse themselves in it.

All you have to do is create the platform!

Think about last time you went to a shopping centre or a supermarket. Customers go there because it’s more and more about being a one-stop-shop.

A supermarket ‘shop’ used to provide you with everyday groceries and shoppers were more than happy with that.

Nowadays, the supermarket ‘complex’ provides a plethora and goods and services. The everyday grocery shopping experience is now boosted with dry cleaners, travel agents, fast food outlets, opticians, pharmacies, electronics outlets and much more.

Consumers don’t want to overcomplicate things. These, simplicity driven, ‘one-stop-shop’ habits have become ingrained into human behaviour.

This is also true of online and mobile technology usage. It’s how consumers want to consume information, engage in conversations and purchase goods and services.

Your online customers are creating their own personalised online and mobile experiences.

This is where the small company can learn and adopt these customer habits and trends.

Often the best inventions and innovations are variations and improvements of products, services and technologies that already exist.

When technology can be adapted and crafted to become more accessible, available and affordable to a much wider audience, the potential of that solution is very exciting.

ExpertApps believe we have found that solution with an innovative and intuitive online and mobile business growth platform.

So, here comes the big reveal. We’re pulling back the curtain and we think you’ll be amazed with what’s behind it! (Full disclosure: It’s not a wizard!)

Small Business Technology Solutions

We’ve talked about the problem’s any small company can face and how quickly these problems can spiral out of control in a business of any size.

We’ve talked about the issues that come hand in hand with the problems and how they can ultimately cause a business to fail.

On the flip side we’ve also talked about the positive effects of being solution driven. Creating ‘pivots’ and seeing opportunities to make small changes to deliver results and turbo charge the revenue of any business.

ALL improvements will be focused on delivering value, quality service and happiness to your customer.

Technology is helping every small company to communicate with customers and deliver personal experiences. Multinational companies were the first to embrace mobile apps.

Mobile app technology is now affordable at all scales of business.

ExpertApps is changing the game for businesses. Delivering an easily implemented mobile solution that increases productivity, engagement and revenue whilst at the same time and slashing costs and freeing up valuable resources.

Your own branded app. 100% controlled by you. Implemented into your business strategy today!

Let’s re-visit the common business problems for one last time and demonstrate how ExpertApps can help you blow each and every single one of them out of the water:

Problem: Not having enough time to spend on finding and attracting new customers

ExpertApps Solution: The app will help you to streamline and automate time consuming processes, leaving your valuable time for more customer focused acquisition strategies

Problem: Developing my brand trust and awareness

ExpertApps Solution: The app will put your brand in front of your audience and your community. The knowledge and content you can share within the app will only enhance your reputation and reach

Problem: Struggling to turns leads into customers and creating high conversion sales funnels

ExpertApps Solution: You can develop different funnels, different levels of content (paid and unpaid) that can be delivered to potential customers at different levels of your sales funnel

Problem: Creating an engaging a community of customers that become advocates

ExpertApps Solution: You can constantly engage with your community. Sending one-to-one messages, push notifications to the whole community. Your community can share your app link with others too

Problem: Creating aftersales processes that keep customers loyal to a brand

ExpertApps Solution: Create internal message sequences to keep your customers engaged and immersed in your content and brand messaging

Problem: Reacting to what customers actually want, not what you think they want

ExpertApps Solution: You can react quickly to individual and group request for information, content and advice. This allows ‘internal marketing and research’ and the creation of products, services and courses that already have a ‘pre-qualified’ customers!

Problem: Becoming a value led expert and source of knowledge in your chosen area

ExpertApps Solution: You’re able to be the natural and deserved leader of your own community. You have a unique opportunity to offer your knowledge and expertise through value driven content in different forms; including live video!

Problem: Automating time-consuming processes

ExpertApps Solution: Deliver pre-defined internal communications, content delivery frameworks and facilitate in app purchases

Problem: Spending too much time on social media

ExpertApps Solution: Create your own, engaged social community, free from post hijackers, spam, fake news and negative comments. Protect yourself from the rules and random account banning of Facebook groups! Use social media for positive and productive networking reasons; for teaching and learning and not for destroying your focus!

Problem: Creating different streams of automated income creation for your small company

ExpertApps Solution: Set up paid access to courses, training, events and other content that can be delivered automatically and paid for with in app purchases.

Problem: Keeping up with industry changes, innovations and consumer behaviour shifts

ExpertApps Solution: The app is constantly evolving and responding to customer and client feedback and suggestions for improvement. The flexible nature of the technology allows our improvements to be immediately available to all our customers.

Problem: Being a 24/7 customer focused business

ExpertApps Solution: Your app is always on. 24/7 to a global audience. You can continue to serve your customers by creating a virtual version of yourself.

Problem: Knowing your customers in order to give them the best experience

ExpertApps Solution: Own your own customers data. You can see how they behave on your app, the content they consume and be pro-active to requests for more content, information or answers.

We have designed a mobile app solution that allows complex solutions to be set up and delivered simply. Create modules that are suited to your customers and your community.

You control everything from your own simple to use control panel with real time changes feeding through straight away to your app users’ customers!

The app is 100% focused on your brand, your products and services and your value driven proposition. It’s the perfect tool to smash the mentality of small company limits.

The ExpertApp team will work with you from Day 1 to help you create the perfect storm for your business.

With a growing Knowledge Base and the exciting addition of our e-Lab you’ll never struggle to optimise, grow and monetise your new branded app.

Smash your Small Company Mentality

You can start the exciting new journey with your app today!

You don’t have to wait 6 months or more for development and you don’t have to invest thousands of pounds either

Our app platform is high end technology with very low risk and no long-term obligations.

It’s been designed, developed, tweaked and tinkered with to:

  • Serve and Empower your customers
  • Engage your growing community
  • Educate your customers
  • Deliver new courses and resources
  • Automate processes for saving time and money
  • Create automated communication sequences
  • Increase social interaction within the social media module
  • Create reminders and action enticing push notifications
  • Be scalable to meets the current and future needs of your business
  • To grow with your business with the help of customer data

If you don’t change anything in your business nothing will change. If you stay still, technology will leave you, your business and your customers behind.

It’s time to adopt a long term, sustainable strategy for your business that will deliver immediate results. You’ll quickly break through your small company limits and smash them out of the park!

ExpertApps can help. ExpertApps will help. Together we can develop and sustain your successful, revenue driven, customer focused business.

Shed the shackles of your small company. Are you adventerous enough to skyrocket your business today?

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