Mobile Marketing Tactics: The Loudest Voice in the Quietest Room

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Marketing tactics are bombarded potential customers with choice. It’s increasingly important to be able to stand out from the crowd. Your own mobile app will help you with this.

Marketing messages are everywhere! They’re noisy and they’re intrusive.

The further down the sales funnel that you take your potential customer the quieter it becomes.

So how do you streamline the journey as much as possible to welcome your customer into an environment you control? How do you get them to listen and more importantly how do you get yourself heard?

It's time to be different. It's time to use a mobile app to change and up your game.

In an ideal world you and your customers are sat down quietly and peacefully together. They want to listen, they want to engage, they want to learn and they want to buy from you.

It’s time to become the loudest voice in the quietest room.

Marketing Tactics:

Even though the marketing sector continues to evolve there tends to be an ‘accepted’ way of doing things. The majority tend to follow the trends of the time.

Because of everyone singing from the same hymn sheet, online marketing can be pretty noisy, frantic and confusing.

The sales, or customer journey funnel is often at the heart of a marketing strategy. Different methods are used to introduce a potential customer into the funnel at various stages.

Mobile apps have started to re-define the funnel. They have presented a virtual funnel hack. If you can get customers to enter the funnel a few steps further down you save time, money and resources.

The powerful thing about a mobile app is that it constantly and consistently re-inforces all levels of the funnel. The entry level becomes less important in defining the journey as the customer becomes empowered to create their own.

This is what I call the ‘Mobile App Advantage Funnel.’

Mobile app marketing funnel that shows the advantage of having a mobile app for marketing tactics

You can see from the image that the mobile app entry point is at the ‘Intent’ level of the funnel. If a customer takes the time to download your app then they have ‘fast’tracked’ their journey with your brand.

If you can deliver your marketing message to enable you to welcome a customer into your business at this level it is an incredible advantage.

Before we talk more about the mobile app level let’s explore the tradional methods a little more.

Traditional Digital Marketing Tactics

Entry into the funnel can occur at various levels. However, Marketing Tactics 101 suggests a potential customer should enter at the top and then be guided down the funnel by a series of content and communication strategies.

Methods are dependent on numerous factors such as the type of market alongside the behavior and habits of the ideal customer of the particular business. A lot can also be based on generic or historical patterns and data.

There will be exceptions when the methods at the top of the funnel lead to a direct sale or desired outcome but it tends to be the lower end of the funnel that is associated with success and financial gain.

Website marketing, email marketing, webinars and social media all work at different stages of the funnel. Social media tends to attempt entry at all levels or even provide a loop back to the top of the funnel by sending visitors to websites or capturing an email through a webinar invitation.

The mobile app stands alone as an all encompassing marketing machine. It facilitates and supports entry at every level of the funnel. 

Let’s take a look at each type of marketing, how ‘noisy’ it is and how it interacts with the customer journey.

Website Marketing Tactics: (Deafening)

The majority of online marketing for any brand begins with a website. However, once you’ve designed and developed your site you’re not exactly an early adapter!

At the start of 2020 there were over 1.7 billion websites live on the world wide web.

The internet is a wild and crazy place. It’s cut throat. To promote your website you’re more than likely going to have to invest further time, resources and money in SEO, PPC and even CRO. The cost of 3 letter acronyms start to add up.

The difficulties present themselves regardless of what kind of product or service your website offers.

Establishing a new brand can be a long and lonely road. You need to get the attention and then start working on retention. It’s a never ending journey.

Internet browsing presents its distractions too.

How many tabs have you got open? Does you attention wander as another ditracting email hits your inbox?

Is your attention being blitzed by pop ups, advertisements and social media links. The paralysis of analysis is bombarding vistors and potential customers all the time….

In the deafening online world you’ll be lucky if your voice is more than a whisper!

Email Marketing Tactics: (Pretty Noisy)

Email marketing is the next step down the funnel. It’s still a pretty noisy environment to try and get your message heard though.

According to Statista, 320 billion emails are likely to be sent every day in 2021


Now that you have a customers email address you have the opportunity to influence them a little more.

This type of customer focused marketing is still quite generalised but has made big strides in the last few years.

The average person gets 121 emails a day so the challenge is to be more personalised as well as differentiating yourself from the crowd.

This isn’t just a case of puting someones name at the start of an email though. That isn’t personlisation!

Successful, long term email marketing is hard. It’s incredibly difficult to sustain a level of communication and commitment to an individual. More and more customer relationship management (CRM) software tries to help buisness owners with this task. But it’s not a complete solution.

Customers change their minds, habits and behaviour quickly. This is where email marketing can be lacking and not the most responsive method available.

There’s too many people talking at the same time for your voice to be heard.

Webinars and Social Media: (Angry and Abusive Racket)

Engagement and interaction are now more prevalent as once again the customer moves further down the funnel.

Webinars could be seen as a fast track method as they often end with a time sensitive sales offer. Indeed a webinar is often a ‘make or break’ marketing ploy.

With billions of potential customers accessing social media each day, these platforms can be massively influential when used correctly.

The frustration about social media will always be that everyone wants to have the loudest voice. Everyone thinks they deserve to be heard and most people think they are always right.

This is when any brand message or marketing can quickly fade. Expertise is constantly challenged, opinions can be both ferocious and abusive.

Despite the best intentions of businesses on social media it can quickly become a non-productive drain of both energy and resources. LinkedIn has recently seen encouraging growth but as a individual or SME is social media worth the time and effort?

There is some value in having private closed groups but even then it’s difficult to measure how much they can offer.

Too many educated and uneducated opinions mixed together lead to confusion, frustration and attention deficit.

Mobile Apps: (Light jazz, a log fire and a scented candle)

Now we’re down near the bottom of the funnel it’s getting quieter. Let’s introduce the mobile app into the room as a potential sales and marketing tactic. It’s brought flowers and a bottle!

If you are able to welcome your customers into the closed fence environment of a mobile app then it’s a massive marketing win. Building your own private branded app community can have enourmous benefits for your business.

This isn’t just a marketing method that can work for billion dollar companies. It can work at any scale. This type of customer capture can work for you!

There are an increasing numbers of apps being designed for small businesses and now encouragingly there are more apps being designed by small businesses.

This has been helped by the technology being more affordable and has filtered down to become much more accessible.

A mobile app will enable your brand to nurture and serve customers at every level of the marketing funnel.

It promotes an inclusive, non-intrusive and exclusive method of gaining and retaining customers.

There’s no blanket marketing, there’s no sweeping generalisations, there’s little wasted time or resources. It presents the opportunity for consistent, tailored marketing messages that drive engagement and sales.

By utilising the data (yes, that’s identifiable and personalised data you can access!) you possess a strong marketing tool that is used by the likes of Amazon, Facebook and Netflix to be more responsive and attentive to their customers.

Data drives decisions and data drives growth.

The power of data can be utilised to empower your customers through consistent and tailored messaging and content provision. Being able to be reactive and pro-active allows laser focused marketing tactics to be used.

The beauty of having a customer app is that you can only have one app open at a time, the majority of things going on inside the app are controlled by you. The distractions are minimal.

The room is quiet, peaceful, serene, the room is yours.

The Future of Mobile Marketing

Your customers want to hear your voice. They want to trust and value your message and apprecaite the knowledge and solutions you can offer.

So, what’s the best way to deliver that message and make it count? Can your marketing tactics define your brand?

Traditional digital marketing methods have been around for a long time. To be fair there’s been very little shift away from the webiste, email and social ‘holy trinity’ of marketing tactics for a while.

But, it’s important to always remember that your customer will always drive your business forwards. Their habits, preferences and behaviour should influence everything you do.

The more guesswork you can take out o your marketing strategy the more powerful and impactful it’s likely to be.

Websites, email and social media can all play their part in this strategy. It’s increasingly important to not get left behind though. You need to adapt and change to enbrace new technology and the opportunities it offers.

A mobile app can do that for your business.

It takes your customer away from the deafening decibels of ubiquitous marketing tactics. Let you message be heard.

You are now the loudest voice in the quietest room.

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