How to Connect with over 3 Million Business and Marketing Leads for Free

right way and wrong way to target potential customers sign

It’s increasingly important to know exactly where your target market is hanging out online. If you can narrow down where they read, listen and watch then your marketing strategy becomes much more powerful.

This is even more important in competitive industries such as business and marketing.

If you know the influential brands your potential customers are interacting and engaging with (and ultimately trusting and buying from) then you can focus your marketing efforts and marketing spend more wisely.

Identifying the big players in your industry will enable you to interact and engage with liked minded business minds and creative thinkers. This will boost your organic reach, present networking opportunities and encourage pro-active idea sharing.

right way and wrong way to target potential customers sign

When deciding on how to best direct your marketing budget these insights will enable targeting of a much warmer demographic. The warmer a prospect is when they enter your sales funnel the easier the nurturing journey becomes.

Tapping into lucrative social media markets through laser focused audience targeting can boost your brand marketing, awareness, increase your EAT standing and drive revenues.

So, let’s explore how you can do this:

Targeting the Right Social Audience: Case Study

In an attempt to maximise the opportunity through audience targeting for ExpertApps , I investigated the following keyword terms and topic clusters.

  • Brand Marketing
  • Business lead generation
  • Customer engagement
  • Customer loyalty
  • Mobile app development
  • Mobile apps for small business
  • Mobile apps to help my business
  • Small business growth
  • Small business marketing
  • Small business problems
  • SME growth

I discovered the same influential brands were appearing time and time again.

The results presented an exciting opportunity to interact with over 3 million niche social media followers.

Perhaps more revealing was the fact that there was such a massive numbers gap between Twitter and Facebook. In a comparison of the followers, over 80% were on the Twitter social platform.

twitter and facebook followers in business and marketing

These terms were focused on providing an ideal target audience for promotion to audiences on Facebook and Twitter. The greatest ads copy and visuals in the won’t work on the wrong audience.

Are you wasting your marketing spend on Facebook?

From these 11 search terms there were 15 brand names that collectively offered ‘free’ access to over 3 million niche specific followers.

The 15 Audiences Revealed:

City AM is a business and finance newspaper distributed throughout London with an estimated daily readership of nearly 400,000. It also boasts a proud global online readership with 2 million unique monthly views reaching as far as the USA and India. The website features the latest news, opinion articles and an option for easy email sign up to a daily newsletter

Econsultancy is at the cutting edge of excellence in marketing. It’s an invaluable resource and thought centre for marketers around the globe. It provides a statistical gold mine, an enviable library of articles and advice and has experts and thought leaders from around the globe as contributors.

Another major marketing resource with its headquarters in London and owned by Centaur Media. It offers regularly updated news, insights and an impressive and comprehensive knowledge bank that is brand and sector focused.

As an online only operation provide a variety of free services and resources for sole trader and small businesses. Their helpful site includes news, articles, guides tips and the most important ideas and processes for driving businesses forwards.

Operating for over 50 years Campaign is a global brand and trusted resource serving advertising, marketing and media communities. The focus is very much on new brand emergence, creativity and delighting customers. Campaign is proud to be different, to stand out and to put an end to mediocrity.

Start-up Britain is a campaign driven site by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. It’s a site that’s full of like-minded individuals with the determination and passion to drive new and excited business and enterprise in the UK. It’s an impressive support platform that allows you to discover resources in your locality and surrounding areas to help you achieve maximum benefit. **No longer appears to be using their accounts**

Marketing Profs provide and deliver training programs, online events and conferences. A scalable business model allows companies of any size to benefit from their core element centred training. The site also offers a massive amount of free resources, articles, video tutorials and an immense discussion forum that started back in 2004!

This is another impressive resource site focused on start-up business in the UK. It covers a wealth of new company topics such as getting started, business plans, branding and finding premises. The brand, celebrating its 20th year, is happy and proud to champions the success of new businesses and holds numerous awards in their honour.

This is the UK arm of the global CIO brand. The site attracts enterprise CIOs, business technology leaders and decision makers from around the world. There is a strong focus on skill development and knowledge sharing with a laser focus on achieving smooth and innovative digital transformation in business.

The Drum is a global media platform that after humble beginnings in Glasgow, now flies the flag as being the biggest marketing website in Europe. The Drum believe in the transformative power of marketing and their mission is to inspire and deliver results driven resources and content. It’s probably the biggest online creative marketing resource that you’ve potentially never heard of!

Small Business Saturday is perhaps one of the strongest advocates and supporters of small business in the UK. It has grown to become a loud and proud voice; championing the importance of small business in communities up and down the UK. It’s a great resource and its directory can help you locate and find local businesses to support near you.

The CBI claims that ‘we exist to help business create prosperity for all. ‘They are determined to provide the tools and resources to help create and realise business opportunities. The CBI speaks on behalf of 190,000 businesses and 1000 senior business leaders who enjoy the benefits of membership.

Business Matters stakes a claim as the UKs leading business magazine that reaches an estimated 150,000 SME owners and management level decision makers. The online and social media presence further increases the reach of BM and it proudly delivers up to the minute news, marketing advice, sales and business guides and much more.

TechNation is focused strongly on enabling and supporting growth. Now in its 10th year, it proudly provides the tools, support and content to drive business forwards. Out of the box thinkers, innovators and game changers will all find solace here. If you are a UK business owner with vigour, vision and drive, TechNation will help you embrace and skyrocket your future.

Real Business have a laser driven mission to support SME business. The site is not only dedicated to the latest news and events but also focuses on interviews and advice from business leaders and industry specialists. It’s also a tremendous SME and general business resource with guides, advice and an impressive library of helpful content.

These sites are at the cutting edge of business and marketing. They are the thought leaders, the innovators and the creative thinkers.

The followers are not just a potential audience they are also potential colleagues and collaborators. So, let’s take a look at the numbers involved here.

business and marketing twitter v facebook followers

This is your potential organic audience.

It’s very apparent that the more favoured platform is Twitter. In most cases this is true by a considerable margin.

This calls into question the value of companies directing such a high percentage of ad spend to Facebook.

Clearly, Twitter would be a more viable option here.

How to Target this Audience Organically:

As an emerging or even an existing brand, jumping head first into a paid social media campaign is rarely the best way to go.

The ideal path to take is to build your brand awareness, credibility and trust by engaging and taking an active part in these immersive communities.

Offer insights, answer questions, challenge convention. By providing value you’ll be creating touch points for your brand and increasing awareness.

Big social following can often be frantic and you may feel a bit like your voice isn’t being heard. However, the long game with pay off.

Persistence is key. If you offer consistent and quality engagement then you’ll start to build respect and win the ear of industry peers.

Paid Social Media:

If you or your company is ready to take the step into paid advertising it’s important to maximise your spend.

There are a million courses and instructional videos out there on how to best utilise paid social media advertising. Google will help!

However, always remember that the targeting is the most important factor. Period.

The greatest sales and marketing copy in the world will do little to attract or convert the wrong audience.

Using the brands, you identify as influential can help you laser target your ad spend.

When you create your ad audience target followers that are already warm and invested in your niche. This will help to maximise your advertising and marketing spend.

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