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How a Personalised Branded App Can Help Your Business

expert apps mobile branded apps for expert businesses

A mobile branded app could be the future of your business. It could be the future of all business. B2B and B2C!

Every company, regardless of their size, needs an open, transparent and accessible communication process.

So, what’s the best way to acheive this?

  • Email marketing?
  • Blog posts
  • Chat Bots
  • Social media company pages?
  • Real world networking?

Trends in the technology world are in a constant state of flux. Change happens all the time. Nowadays, consumers want instant gratification and answers. The always on, personalised mobile app, is starting to make noise! It’s apparent that this branding tool is now a serious new competitor in the marketing world.

Mobile apps can have immediate and positive effects on a business. It’s a constant voice, a constant communication medium and consequently promotes the omnichannel consistency of a brand.

Big business has adopted and thrived on it in the last 10 to 15 years. Very few ‘big’ brands don’t have some sort of app. Some have separate apps for separate divisions and even departments of their business.

Small and medium size enterprises have maybe looked on with envy and jealousy. The budgets and the expertise have, realistically, been beyond their grasp. Multi million (and billion) dollar corporations have dominated the space. But times are changing.

As we’ve already mentioned, technology continues to evolve. With this evolution comes an increased uptake and a subsequent increased accessibility and affordability.

These changes will help small and medium businesses to be competitive.

Nowadays, you don’t need a 6 figure app to influence and reach out to your audience.

Gone are the days where you needed to wait 6 months for a team of expensive designers and developers to complete your mobile app.

Expert Apps are a company that has taken on the mantle of revolutionising the industry. Their mission is to bring the technology and leverage opportunities of a branded app into the reach of small and expert businesses.

A Branded App for Company Growth

So, how have they acheived this?

Darren Galvin is one of the 2 founders of the all-in-one online expert growth platform. He firmly believes that there are 8 fundamental pillars that a branded app can utilise to help the long term growth of any business.

  1. Understanding the Data means understanding people
  2. Reducing missed opportunities
  3. Retaining more Clients
  4. Increasing 24/7 Visibility
  5. Creating a Virtual Self
  6. Being part of a pro-active support network
  7. Staying ahead of the Curve
  8. Increasing Revenue Opportunities

The underlying principles that Darren believes in and that are apparant within his business model are centered around:

Serving and Helping Customers

In other words, giving customers access to yourself, your knowledge and your expertise.

In an increasingly saturated world consumers are constantly bombarded with company branding and messaging. An app breaks away from the noise.

A personal, branded mobile app is a safe haven. A gated community. Above all current alternatives, it’s a closed environment that builds positively on the consumer want for a personalised experience.

In other words, customers will be the centre of a brands message. They want and need a personalised approach that is difficult to acheive in a Facebook group or a blanket email promotion.

Today, companies need to innovate with their message. The content and customer experience needs to be delivered in the right way.

A mobile app will acheive this. A branded, completely controllable mobile app will do this for your business.

So, are you ready to take the new step with your business growth? Get your Free Mobile App Today!

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