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App Development Steps for Success: 5 Quick Tips

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There are fundamental steps required for the successful design and development of any mobile app.

It doesn’t matter is you are creating the next big thing or if you are just building out your own personal brand with an expert app, the processes and methods remain the same.

The majority of mobile apps will fail when there is a lack of planning in the vital areas of marketing and innovations.

In this article we’ll discuss the 5 steps for helping to guarantee success.

Step 1: The Vision and the Goal:

You need to set out a clear vision for you app and the steps that will be required to reach those goals.

There will be different goals along the development journey and you should assign relaistic time frames to realise each specific step.

Ask some simple yet important questions:

  • Who is the customer and what is the value that’s being provided?
  • What income source will drive the app and is it sustainable?
  • What positive impact will the app have, who is is serving?

Step 2. A Confident Mindset

If you don’t beleive in your app and its qualities then why will anyone else? You will mmet challenges and criticism at every step of your iterative process so display courage and conviction in your decisions.

You must be willing to embrace challenges and set backs and to beat away criticism and people who don’t share your postive and progressive mindset.

Step 3. Design a Strong Marketing Message

A lot of app devlopers make the mistake of internalising their message. The first time potential customers hear about the app is when it hits the various app stores. Not everyone will share your passion. Particularly if you don’t tell anyone about it until launch.

This is the wrong way to go about things. In a consumer market that craves attention and information ensure that your message is presented in an irresistable package. The ASO and pre-launch strategies need to feed into the potential user as early as possible.

Build the expectation by championing the features, benefits and desired outcomes of your app for the future customer and downloader.

Step 4. Prepare your App Acquisition Strategy

3000 apps are launched every day so it’s vitally important to map out a predictable, sustainable and scaleable acquisition and distribution strategy.

There are a billion smart phone users. Each one of those users could be a customer to market your app to.

Calculating the life time value of a potential user can help to formulate acquisition plans and marketing spend.

A clear and concise monetisation plan is perhaps one of the most important considerations. This will not only drive initial design and development but will be the driving force behind generating profit to feed into further developments and updates.

  • It’s certainly worth considering early if you can utilise:
  • In app purchases
  • Native advertising
  • Subsciption models

Not all methods will be right for all apps. Consider your options early, dependent on how you see you taregt market behaving.

Step 5. Testing Your App:

Constant testing will help you to present a strong product to your customers. An app is never finished. It’s a constant development that should iterate as much as possible to exceed customer expectations and demand.

You should look to measure the success, or potential failure of everything. From your app icon to screen shots, customer experience and the ability to rank and succeed in the app stores.

If each change you make means you’re a step closer to keeping your customers happy. The stage is then set to attract new ones!

So, they were 5 quick and actionable tips. Be sure to build them into your planning and development process of your mobile app.

Making a clear plan from the outset will help your tremendously on your journey and enable you to tackle any setbacks head on!

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