6 Vital Steps for an App Launch for Maximum Exposure and Immediate Downloads

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A new app launch needs to have a strong and focused marketing strategy.

It’s not good business sense to merely expect users to find, discover and download your app.

If you have designed and developed a mobile app then one of the first things you should start to plan is how you’ll get your product in front of your potential customers.

A ‘soft launch’ isn’t good enough. The app market is flooded with new releases every single day. You need to stand out from the crowd.

The good thing about any product launch is that is both repeatable and scaleable.

Initial downloads in the first few days can make of break your app. Hitting the ground, not just running but sprinting like crazy, is essential.

Follow these 6 steps for maximum app exposure and rapidly increased chances of long term survival and success!

Market Research:

You need to investigate and analyse what your potential competitors are doing. It’s ok to have an app in a similar niche but you need to be better – or at least do something that your competition doesn’t.

Figure out who uses the similar apps and start to figure out how you’re going to appeal to that market – they are potentially your perfect target audience!

Design a Creative Landing Page:

Your app branding should start straight away. A creative online landing page can start to attact a potential user base.

Building an email list in the months leading up to launch will build expectation and create a buzz around your brand.

As the release date gets closer you could have contest, share behind the scenes video content, start social media campaigns and “leak” sharable content.

App Store Optimisation (ASO):

All your marketing and promotional material should be optomised before you launch. This subject of ASO is worthy of an entire post of it’s own but we’ll cover the basics here.

Your app stores product pages are your shop window to consumers!

Again this is a good opportunity to learn from the actions and success of your competitors. Check out the various app stores, the content of the product pages, the keywords they use and the categories they choose to promote themselves under.

Are they missing anything? If they are then seize the opportunity to capitalise.

Remember to inspire and educate. Even though you will have been living and breathing you app for months, everyone else will be seeing it for the first time.

We all know the cliche about first impressions! It’s more true today than ever. The first few seconds of exposure to advertising and marketing messages usually define a consumer decision.

Your message has to give them what they want and not what you think they need.

Start to Build Momentum:

As we touched on earlier, you can’t expect to just launch your app then sit back and watch the downloads roll in! The development process needs to be working on a continuous feedback loop of feedback, iteration and improvement.

Build excitement and momentum with pre-launch marketing. Your market research should have identified your ideal target markets and customer personas.

Start to drip feed information, previews, exciting new features or maybe even a demo product. A movie trailer type video relesase is a great way to attract both consumer and hopefully media attention!

The Power of the Press:

This kind of builds on the last step a little. Although the ‘old school’ press maybe don’t have the coverage and readership they used to enjoy there are still massive potential sources to leverage.

Research and reach out to influencers in your niche, dedicated websites, blogs, forums, tech sites. Any source that validates your credibility and increases your exposure can be a great – often cost effective – way to reach a massive audience quickly.

Feature in the Apple Store

This is a bonus. A massive potentially lucrative, life chaging bonus.

If you have followed the previous 5 steps then getting your app launch featured by Apple is a real probability. If this happens there’s no telling how many downloads you’ll start to see. Hold onto you app….I mean hat!

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